Advanced Massage Duo

£299 2 Days

Save £30 by booking out popular massages courses together.

You’ll be trained in Indian Head Massage techniques along with traditional hot stones techniques as part of this 2 day course.

Natural Nail Package

£299 2 Days

Booking this favourable 2 day package will save you 10%

This is the perfect starting package if you want to learn the art of natural nail treatments, manicure and pedicure in our 2 day course.

Nail Technician Course

£325 2 Days

Save £25 by booking these 2 popular courses together.

This package covers the two most popular methods of nail extensions. You’ll learn UV Gel extensions, UV Gel polish and also Acrylic Nail Extensions in this 2 day course.

Brow and Lash Technician

£349 2 Days

By booking this package you can save 10%

Definition brows 1 day

Semi permanent individual eyelashes 1 day

Hand & Nail Course

£449 3 Days

Save a huge £66 by booking this 3 day package.

Complete this course and you will soon be able to add these popular treatments to your clients. You will start off with a 1 day course in Manicure, followed by learning the two most popular methods of nail extensions. You’ll gain a diploma in UV Gel extensions, UV Gel polish and also Acrylic Nail Extension in this 3 day course.

Ultimate Eyelash and Brow Specialist

£499 3 Days

Save 15% by booking this course.

You’ll master the art of definition brows, semi permanent individual lashes and lash lift and tint over 3 days.

Premium Hand, Feet & Nail Package

£575 4 Days

If you’re looking to become a professional in hand, feet and nails, then book this 4 day package and save over £100.

You’ll become  Hand, feet and nail expert by completing this fantastic 4 course which covers all the areas you will need. This exclusive package includes 1 Day Manicure, 1 Day Pedicure, UV Gel extensions, UV Gel polish and also Acrylic Nail Extensions.

Beautician Ready Package

£729 4.5 Days

By booking our Beautician Ready Package you can save up to £100.

Course includes;

Facial stage 1 and 2,  2 days

Manicure 1 day

eyelash and brow tinting 1/2 day 

Waxing 1 day 

Holistic Therapist Package

£749 5 Days

Book now to save £55 on the below courses;

Swedish body massage 2 days plus exam 1/2 day

Indian head massage 1 day

Hot stone massage 1 day 

Hopi ear candles 1/2 day 

All 5 Facial Courses

£995 5 Days

Offer includes our 1 day Dermaplaning class and our Microdermabrasion courses. All equipment will be provided.

Offer is subject to course requirements as some courses do require previous training and experience. Some courses do require stage 1 & 2 skincare or facial.

Head over to our Training Package booking form to register your interest.