Lash Courses

At National Beauty Training we have a wide range of professional eyelash courses and eyelash extension courses for anyone looking to become professionally trained in lash extensions or popular lift and tint eyelash courses and techniques.

With National Beauty Training you’ll learn the anatomy of lashes first, combined with the right lash extensions techniques in our brand-new salon.

Alongside this, we’ll share our product knowledge across all our eyelash extension courses, eyelash training and popular semi-permanent eyelash courses, so you feel confident to deliver each eyelash extension treatment or eyelash technique to your own clients.

All our semi-permanent lash extensions courses and party lash courses are delivered by industry experts to get you ready to deliver these in your own salon.

We offer full training in;

  • 3D Russian Semi-Permanent Eyelashes
  • Semi Permeant Individual Lashes
  • Lash lift and tint and eyebrow tinting
  • Cluster/Party eyelashes

Browse our eyelash extension course content and eyelash lift and tint content below or contact us for more information on our available eyelash courses. Kits and products are also available, please enquire at your time of booking each eyelash extension course.

Course durations vary.

No previous experience needed.

Courses starting from £120.

Eyelash Courses

£120 Full course prices below
  • Semi Permanent Individual Eyelashes, 1 Day, £190

    Gain a diploma in Semi Permanent Individual eyelashes in our popular 1 day course

    Eyelash extensions transform the eye by making the lashes appear longer and thicker.

    Individual lashes are available in different lengths and widths to give the perfect look to your client’s eyes.

    The longer lash will last for up to 4-6 weeks with regular top up treatments – returning time and again to your salon to ensure their luscious lashes are maintained. For a complete look the natural lash can be tinted to blend.

    This is a very popular and profitable treatment. We will ensure you know both professional methods of application in the one course.

    Semi Permanent individual eyelash course content:

    ✓ Relevant anatomy and physiology
    ✓ Contra-indications to lash treatments
    ✓ Compare both application methods
    ✓ Product knowledge
    ✓ Use & purpose of implements
    ✓ Initial mannequin head work
    ✓ Full set application to client
    ✓ Lash removal techniques
    ✓ Lash infill and repairs
    ✓ Aftercare, hygiene and sterilisation

    Duration: 1 Day

    Qualification: Diploma

    Price: £190

    Eyelash Kits available from £35 – ask at time of booking

    Requirements: No previous experience required.

    Practical Work: All products and equipment are provided throughout.

  • Russian Volume Lashes, 2 Days, £275

    Learn this popular technique in just 2 days!

    A course for qualified and experienced lash technicians.

    The new Russian Lash extension – also known as 3D or Hybrid Lash – will give a new, softer length and volume to your client’s lashes. Three or more lashes now replace each single lash extension giving a lighter and more effective lash lengthening treatment.

    Russian Lash Extension course content:
    ✓ Relevant anatomy and physiology
    ✓ Contra-indications to lash treatments
    ✓ Product knowledge and selection
    ✓ 2 full set of lashes performed on client
    ✓ Hygiene, sterilisation and aftercare
    ✓ Lash infill and repair treatments
    ✓ Removal techniques

    Duration: 2 days

    Qualification: Diploma

    Price: £275

    Requirements: Prior knowledge of individual lash application and proficiency is essential and your
    Diploma / qualification must be shown at time of booking.

    Practical Work: All products and equipment are provided throughout. Practical work will be performed on mannequin heads and models.

  • Lash Lift & Tint, 1 Day, £199

    This course is always booked quickly, ensure you get on and book now!

    Semi-permanent lifting of the eyelashes is the latest and best method of perming. It allows the lashes to be raised and straightened to give a lift at the hair root. As a result the lashes look much longer and open out the eyes significantly.

    This system involves silicone shields instead of rollers, in three different volume sizes, to give the best lift and effect. It can be followed by tinting. The results will last 6 – 8 weeks.

    If your client prefers first to darken the lashes after the lift then a lash tint will help them look longer and volumised.

    A lash lift and tint is a low maintenance treatment and the tinting can be reapplie devery three to four weeks to keep the lashes looking their best.

    Lash lift & Tint course content:
    ✓ Relevant anatomy and physiology
    ✓ Preparation of the eye area
    ✓ Precautions and contra-indications
    ✓ Product knowledge and patch testing
    ✓ Application techniques for lash lifting
    ✓ 2 treatments of lifting with lash tint application
    ✓ Application of lash tint to upper and lower lashes
    ✓ Client aftercare and maintenance
    ✓ Costing and marketing suggestions

    Duration: 1 Day

    Qualification: Diploma

    Price: £199

    Requirements: No previous experience required.

    Practical Work: All products and equipment provided throughout.

  • Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting, 1/2 Day, £120

    Popular 1/2 day course!

    Semi-permanent tinting of lashes and brows has always been a popular salon treatment.

    You will learn to use all the available colours in tint combined with new brow stains for a defined brow appearance.

    This is an ideal treatment offering a long lasting and low maintenance darkening of the natural lashes and brows.

    It is particularly good for very light hair, those who cannot wear makeup, for holidays or time away and before other lash enhancement treatments.

    The lashes will look longer with more volume whilst the brows are darkened and will look more defined.

    Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting course content:
    ✓ Relevant anatomy and physiology
    ✓ Hair and lash growth patterns
    ✓ Tint product knowledge and skin testing
    ✓ Professional tinting techniques
    ✓ Colour selection and mixing
    ✓ Hygiene, safety and aftercare procedures
    ✓ Costings and marketing

    Duration: ½ Day

    Qualification: Diploma

    Price: £120

    Kits from £17 + VAT – ask at time of booking

    Requirements: No previous experience required.

    Practical Work: All products and equipment are provided throughout.

  • Cluster/Party Eyelash Course, 1/2 Day, £120

    Learn this popular technique in half a day

    The popularity of extending eyelashes for extra lash and volume is easily achieved with small clusters of lashes. These are applied close together allowing approximately 150 lashes to be placed on each eye regardless of the clients own lash count. Ideal on clients with very short or sparse lashes, volume and length is added in only 45 minutes and looks amazing. This treatment will last approximately 8 – 10 weeks with regular maintenance treatments. This is a very effective and profitable addition to the lash lengthening treatments you can offer.

    Cluster lashes are becoming ever more popular and a great alternative for clients not wishing to commit to Semi Permanent Lash Extensions. These last between 1 and 2 weeks.

    The treatment takes approx. 20 – 30 minutes which is a huge advantage for both client and lash technician.

    Cluster / Party Eyelash course content:
    ✓ Introduction & Benefits of Party lashes
    ✓ Health and Safety
    ✓ Professional Ethics
    ✓ Hygiene
    ✓ Client Consultation
    ✓ Eye Diseases, Disorders and Contra-indications
    ✓ Preparing for treatment
    ✓ How to do a Patch Test
    ✓ Products needed for Treatment
    ✓ Achieving the desired look
    ✓ Lash Application
    ✓ Removal of Cluster Lashes
    ✓ Maintenance of Custer Lashes
    ✓ Aftercare Advice
    ✓ Troubleshooting advice

    Duration: ½ Day

    Qualification: Diploma

    Price: £120

    Requirements: No previous experience required but individual lash application knowledge is an advantage.

    Practical Work: All products and equipment are provided throughout.

Eyelash Extension and Tinting Courses

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Train With Us

Eyelash Extensions

Have you always been interested in mastering eyelash extensions or looking to become a lash or lash and brow technician? If you want to introduce a high quality lash extension to your salon then the best place to start is with our 1 day semi permanent eyelash course.

This semi permanent eyelash extension course gives you the knowledge skills and confidence to begin working and earning straight away whether you are at home or in a beauty salon. You can then immediately start booking in clients for natural semi permanent eyelashes.

Advance your Skills

Why stop at lash extensions? The next course that would compliment this treatment would be lash lift and tint, a very popular industry favourite and extremely popular among clients who don’t get on with semi permanent eyelashes. Eyelash lift and tint requires little maintenance and don’t require infill appointments so clients often book this treatment prior to a holiday or big event.

Eyelash lift and tint is a really popular treatment and a huge hit in the industry, train in lash lift and tint and advance your skills with us as part of a course package or one off course.

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume Eyelash courses are extremely popular at National Beauty Training.  If you are looking at taking your semi permanent eyelash skills to the next level. and want to give your clients bigger, thicker, fluffier eyelashes then the next course for you is Russian Volume eyelashes.

This course enables you to create your own fans which can be 2D,3D,4D. Once qualified you’ll be fully trained in 3D Russian lashes and can start offering this hugely successful treatment in your own salon.

With our Russian Volume Eyelash courses you will discover the art of blending and creating a hybrid set of lashes and how to layer them to create a more dramatic look. This course is recommended for someone who has been doing individual semi permanent eyelashes for a minimum of 3 months.

All Lash Courses

Other courses that compliment and are ideal to offer when working as a lash technician are;

Lash and brow tinting: this is a quick but effective treatment giving excellent results which can be carried out as a stand alone treatment or before semi permanent eyelashes are applied.B

row Lamination: this new treatment has taken the beauty industry by storm! giving clients the option of a thicker, fluffier eyebrows or creating the perfect symmetrical eyebrows which stay in place for up to 6 weeks.

This treatment also cover eyebrow wax and tint so you are able to give your client the total brow package in a 30 minute appointment. Check out all of our eyebrow courses for more information.

Ready to book? Why not check out all our upcoming courses or our beauty training packages.